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Article: What Next for the Mac mini?

by on December 21, 2008

Regular visitors of the site know that we’re fans of the Mac mini. It’s small, inexpensive, and can be used for a number of things in the world of multimedia. The Mac mini has remained relatively unchanged since it was introduced almost four years ago.

Sure, it got a new motherboard at one point with the Intel architecture and a few speed bumps, but pretty much is the same as it was when introduced. Many have speculated that it would see a complete refresh every time its other desk-based siblings would.

New Mac mini?

Today, a leaked image showed up that looked essentially like a MacBook Air SuperDrive if it were made to match the latest MacBook and MacBook Pros. There’s even a notch along the top that matches the “seam” of a closed MacBook. Oh wait, someone probably Photoshopped it. Still, this is just another demonstration of the sad state of the Apple rumor mill—nobody seems to be speculating about what’s next anymore unless it’ a new iPhone variant or metal for a MacBook. What happened to the not-so-glamorous Apple gossip?

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