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Special: WWDC 2009 Keynote Coverage

by on June 8, 2009


12:05 PM PST Concluding Keynote – we’ll be back later on our normal site, – thanks for following us today!
12:02 PM PST New ad…
11:59 AM PST Improved battery life: 9 hours of surfing, 10 hours of video, 30 hours of audio, 12 hours of 2G talk, 5 hours of 3G talk – eco-friendly: arsenic-free glass, BRF-free, mercury-free LCD – $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB (June 19)…current 8GB 3G for $99 (today)
11:57 AM PST VoiceOver for content and controls, zooming, color inversion, mono audio, Nike+, data encryption
11:56 AM PST Digital compass – shows orientation, integration with Maps, double-click, Map will reorient
11:54 AM PST Voice Control – hold home button and will allow you to call usrs, play music, etc.
11:55 AM PST Scrub and edit a video – post to YouTube, MobileMe, MMS, and email
11:47 AM PST New iPhone 3GS – S = Speed, No front-facing camera, new insides, same outside, faster with tasks (2.1x faster to launch messages, 2.4x to load SimCity, 3.6x faster to load an Excel attachment, 2.9x faster to load a large web site), 3MP camera w/autofocus, camera does video (30FPS – VGA with audio, auto-focus, auto-white balance, auto-exposure)
11:45 AM PST iPhone makes up 65% of mobie web usage – 50,000 apps for iPhone, 4,900 for Android, 1,088 for Nokia, 1030 for Blackberry, 18 for Palm
11:43 AM PST iPhone OS 3 – free to all iPhone users (3G and original), $9.99 for iPod touch – available June 17. GM free today for paid developers.
11:38 AM PST Line 6 and Planet Waves – control guitar and app from iPhone – digital modeling – connect iPhone to amp to change sound – technical difficulties – accessory isn’t working
11:35 AM PST Zipcar – app locates user and then shows where nearby Zipcar locations are, creates reservation, unlock car from app
11:31 AM PST Pasco – founded 45 years ago – teching sciences to children – hook up sensor to app for experiments (pressure sensor as an example) – demo failed, but sensor works!
11:30 AM PST ngmoco:) – games for the iPhone – Star Defense – tower defense on 3D surface, buy more campaigns for $3
11:25 AM PST Demoing TomTom – turn-by-turn, text-to-speech, optional accessory that attaches iPhone to car – iPhone 3.0 allows more accurate GPS, speakerphone, car stereo connection, charging
11:22 AM PST ScrollMotion – creates digital books for the App Store, demoing
11:17 AM PST Demoing medcal app (Critical Care) – you too can be Dr. House (minus the vicodin)
11:16 AM PST Demoing racing app from earlier event – you can play your music right in the app
11:13 AM PST Push Notifications: 3 types – text alerts, numerical badges, sounds
11:08 AM PST More updates – in-app purchases unlock whole new category (like magazine subscriptions) – paid apps only, peer-to-peer connectivity with Bluetooth, accessory support, embed Google Maps, turn-by-turn support, push notifications
11:06 AM PST Find My iPhone: Playing a clip from 30 Rock, for MobileMe users (of course) – log in and find your phone on a Google Map – send it an SMS or play a sound (sound will play even in silent mode), remote data wipe command also an option – pretty cool
11:05 AM PST Language support – Greek, Korean, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic
11:03 AM PST Mobile Safari: iPhone OS 3, JavaScript is 3x faster, HTTP support for streaming audio and video, autofill, adding some HTML 5 support
11:02 AM PST Tethering – share phone’s internet connection with Mac or PC using USB or Bluetooth – requires carrier support (22 support at launch, AT&T not included – shocker)
11:00 AM PST iTunes – rent and purchase movies, TV shows, audiobooks, right from phone, better Parental Controls, iTunes U also available
10:57 AM PST In addition to cut/copy/paste, landscape support for other apps (Mail, Notes, Messages, etc.), MMS support (requires carrier support – AT&T says later this summer, 29 others say right away), search email, messages, calendar, music, notes
10:56 AM PST iPhone OS 3: More than 100 new features, cut/copy/paste being reviewed – same demo as earlier event.
10:50 AM PST Showing a video from developers…
10:49 AM PST iPhone: 1,000,000 SDK downloads, 50,000 apps on the App Store, 40 million iPhones and iPod touches sold, over 1 billion apps downloads
10:48 AM PST Snow Leopard pricing: $29 for Leopard users, $49 for families, available in September
10:45 AM PST Exchange is demoed – create event invites, automatically populated from Exchange 2007 server, Quicklook lets you preview Office documents through Mail, even if Office isn’t installed
10:42 AM PST Exchange support: Mail, iCal, Address Book support Exchange
10:40 AM PST OpenCL – GPUs powerful enough to do some computing tasks, supported by multiple companies
10:36 AM PST Computers are more powerful – 64-bit for all main system apps, Grand Central Station controls multi-processing
10:35 AM PST QuickTime X lets you trim and share video – think basic iMovie, edited clip can go to iTunes, YouTube, MobileMe
10:27 AM PST Demoing Snow Leopard: Stacks, iPhoto controls in the Finder, Expose, speed of Safari – showing off stuff we saw in Safari months ago
10:26 AM PST QuickTime X: new interface focuses on content
10:25 AM PST Safari 4 shipping today for Leopard, Tiger, and Windows – has crash resistance in Snow Leopard< , 7.8x faster at Java Script than IE8/td>
10:21 AM PST Rewrote Finder in Cocoa, 3D rendering for the Dock and Expose, 45% faster installation, uses 6GB space less with upgrade, file system compression, common operations made faster, Chinese input via trackpad, Mail is faster, Preview is up to 2x faster, better text selection in PDFs
10:20 AM PST Lots of refinements: over 1000, updated 90%
10:19 AM PST Snow Leopard: Build a better Leopard: Refinements, new technologies, Exchange support
10:18 AM PST Leopard – best selling software Apple has ever released, comparing to Vista, etc. etc.
10:17 AM PST Great hardware deserves great software…OS X time!
10:16 AM PST MacBook Air – faster (up to 2.13GHz), prices changing to $1499 and $1799
10:13 AM PST 13″ MacBook gets an update – new display, SD card slot, better battery life, FW800, up to 8GB RAM, up to 500GB HD or 256GB SSD, now called MacBook Pro – $1199 & $1499
10:12 AM PST 17″ model keeps ExpressCard slot, now 2.8GHz, 500GB HD, shipping today
10:11 AM PST $1699 model does not have 9600M GT graphics
10:07 AM PST MacBook Pro: Unibody, 7 hours, up to 1000 recharge cycles on nonremovable battery – like the 17″ model, SD card slot, better display (60% color gamut increase), faster (3.06GHz), more RAM (up to 8GB), more space (up to 500GB HD or 256GB SSD), $1699…no ExpressCard slot
10:05 AM PST Mac – majority of new Mac users pick a laptop over a desktop…all new 15″ MacBook Pro (?!)
10:03 AM PST “Amazing week planned”, 5200 developers: discuss iPhone, Mac, and OS X – 25 million OS X users in first 5 years until 2007, 75 million in last two years
10:00 AM PST There’s a video of “PC” asking for ideas, , Phil Schiller takes the stage.
9:54 AM PST Everyone is taking their seats…we’re awaiting the start…
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