Special: WWDC 2010 Keynote Coverage

by on June 7, 2010


11:57 AM PST We’ll be back later this afternoon over at SchwarzTech’s normal site with analysis and commentary – see you then!
11:55 AM PST Steve is walking off stage, so this is it…
11:53 AM PST Thanking all of the teams who have worked on iPhone 4…teams standing up and audience applauding
11:51 AM PST Various videos talking about product…screen is a custom glass – bend, but not break, 30x harder than plastic…slide with street sign…intersection between Technology and Liberal Arts
11:45 AM PST iOS 4 free for everyone on June 21 (full features for 3GS, some for 3G, some for iPod touch 2G and 3G) except original iPhone and original iPod touch
11:40 AM PST $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB – white or black – AT&T is making an “incredibly generous” upgrade offer: 6 months of early eligibility…June 24 (Preorders start June 15)…iPhone 3GS 8GB will be $99, iPhone 4 in 88 countries by end of September…new dock, Apple “bumper” case,
11:33 AM PST “So in 2007 when we launched the iPhone, it was my privilege to make a call to Jony Ive… and I’m going to do the same thing now.” Video call…great quality…not specified if it’s WiFi-only or works on 3G…Apple calls it FaceTime – no setup required – iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 – both front and rear camera can be used. Open standards like h.264, AAC, SIP, STUN, TURN, ICE, RTP, SRTP – going to standards body tomorrow to make an open industry standard
11:31 AM PST One more thing…lights coming up…
11:20 AM PST Feature 8: Three stores on the iPhone: iTunes, iBooks, and App Store…150 million+ accounts with credit cards associated with them…iAds – for developers make free and low-cost apps for users…60% of revenue goes to developers – will be ready July 1
11:16 AM PST Feature 7: iBooks…we knew that with iOS 4…same as on iPad…works seamlessly on all.
11:15 AM PST Gold Master of iOS 4 today, 100 millionth iOS device will be sold this month…”no one even comes close to this”…
11:06 AM PST Feature 6: iPhone OS 4 renamed iOS 4. How does Cisco feel about that?…”and we’re going to give it some metal” – 100 new features, multitasking, ripping on Android’s battery life and multitasking, talked about folders, other features we covered months ago…Bing to be added as third search option…”Microsoft has done a great job on this. Check it out, it’s kinda cool.”
11:05 AM PST Asking everyone to turn off WiFi to do the demos…telling everyone to shut laptops & set them on the floor.
11:00 AM PST iMovie being demoed – looks pretty good – does everything the Mac version can do…made a completed movie in only a few minutes…exports to 360p, 520p, 720p…$4.99 (!)
10:58 AM PST Randy Ubillos, Chief Architect of Video Applications on stage…15 years ago was working on Final Cut Pro.
10:56 AM PST Camera records HD video, 720p at 30fps…iMovie for iPhone
10:54 AM PST Feature 5: New camera system – more concerned with better photos than megapixel stats – 5MP, backside illuminated sensor, 1.75 micron pixel size in sensor, 5x digital zoom in camera app and tap to focus – quality is incredible.
10:52 AM PST Feature 4: Gyroscope – 3 axis gyro for pitch, roll, and yaw. Gyro and accelerometer means 6 axis motion sensing. Good for games – more accurate – Steve Jobs demoing Jenga.
10:51 AM PST 32GB of storage, quadband HSDPA/HSUPA, 802.11n
10:50 AM PST Battery life: 40% more talk time, 7 hours, 6 hours of 3G browsing, 10 hours of WiFi browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, 300 hours of standby.
10:47 AM PST Feature 3: Apple A4 chip – incredibly small – biggest component in iPhone is the battery – micro SIM because “we needed the space!”
10:41 AM PST Showing OS 4 on iPhone 3GS and new iPhone…very crisp…was going to load up NY Times – loading slowly and won’t load on iPhone 4…switching over to AT&T…back to showing photos…3.5″ display, 960×640, 800:1 contast ration, IPS display…kicks OLED’s butt…78% of pixels from iPad in the palm of your hand. The OS automatically adjusts depending on type of screen. This will set the standard for the next 7 years.
10:36 AM PST Feature 2: Retina Display…4x the display resolution in the same amount of the space..”Really really sharp text.” – 326 ppi. What does this mean for the iPad, we ask? 300 ppi is the limit of the human retina when held 10-12 inches away from the eye…Text like “a fine printed book”…”We are comfortably over that limit”
10:36 AM PST “When you hold it in your hands, it’s unbelieveable.”
10:32 AM PST “Believe me, you ain’t seen it…This is beyond a doubt the most precise things, one of the most beautiful thins we’ve ever made…” Glass on front and back, stainless steel, 24% thinner than current iPhone…”Thinnest smartphone on the planet.” Outside: volume, mute, front-facing camera, micro-SIM, camera with LED flash, mic on bottom, 30 pin Dock Connector, speaker, top has headphone jack, second mic for noise cancellation, and sleep-wake button. Three black seams…Stainless steel band is the primary structure of the iPhone & the antenna (!). One side is Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and other is UTMS and GSM.
10:31 AM PST “In 2007 iPhone reinvented what we thought of as a smartphone…hard to remember what it was like. It was really different before the iPhone…2008, 3G and App Store…2009, 2x as fast, video recording…2010 biggest leap – 100 new features, 8 covered today. All new design – like leaked. “How many of you have already seen this?”
10:28 AM PST “Now I’d like to talk about the iPhone.” – Q1 2010: iPhone has 28% of the US Market Share…Blackberry at 35%, WinMobile at 19%, Android at 9%, iPhone 58% US mobile browser usage in May
10:27 AM PST 5 billion total app downloads last week…$1 billion to iPhone developers so far.
10:21 AM PST Karthik Bala (Activision Senior VP) – “Guitar Hero is a pop culture phenomenon.” – 3D rockstars that are fully customizable…classic rock (Queen, Rolling Stones) and new stuff like Rise Against – demonstrating with trailer…available today for $2.99
10:19 AM PST Mark Pincus (Zynga CEO) – Farmville for iPhone – their most popular game, finally coming to the “most popular mobile gaming platform in the world.” More people play Zynga games than watch the season (he means series?) finales of Lost and 24…Farmville being demonstrated…”Farm anytime, anywhere.” Why not just move to Nebraska (or anywhere in the Midwest)? Available end of June.
10:16 AM PST Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO) – “Tremendous success” in regards to iPad version…in top 10. Coming this summer for the iPhone (we think they should cue movie trailer voiceover)…being demonstrated – stop on one device, resume on another, optimized to play over 3G (!) or WiFi…no word if AT&T will allow it.
10:15 AM PST eBay App…released last year, 10 million downloads, $600 million in volume in first year, $1.5-2 billion this year.
10:12 AM PST App Store: Two platforms: HTML 5 – “completely open, uncontrolled, and we fully support it”, App Store – curated platform- 225,000 apps, most vibrant app community on the planet, 15,000 apps submitted per week, 30 different languages, 95% approved within 7 days. The other 5%…doesn’t function as advertised (change description or app), unsupported/private APIs (change app), they crash (most frequent reason).
10:08 AM PST Elements iPad app – earned more on day 1 than 5 years of Google Ads on periodictable.com, 5 million books downloaded so far (2.5 per iPad) – going to add PDF capability to iBooks (my 2002-era iBook G3 already had that capability)…due later this month…iPad done, on to App Store.
10:07 AM PST 8,500 native iPad apps, 200,000 iPhone apps, native apps have been downloaded over 35 million times (or 17 apps per iPad)…Showing some of the latest apps, games
10:03 AM PST iPad: “A whole new way to interact with the Internet, apps, content, and media…It is magical.” Now in 10 countries, over 2 million sold (1 every 3 seconds). Showing footage of press coverage.
10:01 AM PST WWDC is packed – sold out in 8 days! 5,200 attendees
10:00 AM PST Steve Jobs has taken the stage…everyone’s applauding
9:58 AM PST “What a Wonderful World” is playing – Apple seems pleased with themselves already.
9:57 AM PST Please turn off all cell phones and PDAs.
9:56 AM PST What should the next iPhone be named, anyway? I still had my vote for iPhone IIIgs+
9:54 AM PST Last-minute guesses? New iPhones like the Gizmodo one? That trackpad we saw leaked today? New Macs?
9:51 AM PST A camera is shooting video of everyone in the crowd and projecting it – MacBooks, iPads anyone?
9:48 AM PST Everyone is slowly filling their seats and getting ready.
8:05 AM PST We’re getting everything ready – check back in a bit!
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