January 30, 2024

Article: Interview with Lee Peterson

Years ago, I conducted a few interviews on this site and really enjoyed the process. With this site celebrating 25 years, I thought it would be nice to get back into that habit, showcasing some interesting voices on the tech web. I had the opportunity last week to chat with Lee Peterson, whose work has appeared in a few different publications, as well as his own blog, LJPUK.NET

July 19, 2006

Article: Interview with NetNewsWire Lead Brent Simmons

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to discuss the NetNewsWire newsreader with its lead developer, Brent Simmons. Simmons works at NewsGator, the a company that bought Ranchero Software, last October. He spoke about NetNewsWire, the adoption of RSS, and the shift from being an independent developer to working for a larger organization…

August 31, 2005

Article: Interview with Camino Lead Mike Pinkerton

Last week, I had the opportunity to discuss the Camino web browser with its lead, Mike Pinkerton. He spoke about the current state of Camino, its competitors, and its future…