November 19, 2017

Snippet: The Increasingly Rare iPad Deal Killers ☍

David Sparks:

Jason Snell wrote an excellent piece today about how he uses his iPad for a lot of his work. The post references a recent quote from Microsoft’s Satya Nadella that implies the iPad is not a real computer and a recent iPad ad that makes its point nicely.

I’ve spent a lot of time writing and podcasting about the iPad as a potential laptop replacement. In the early days, I went iPad only while writing the book, iPad at Work. Back then it was rough. The hardware, operating system, and software were all in need of improvement. Things did, however, get better. iPad hardware these days benchmarks alongside currently shipping Macs very respectively.

This is a pretty fascinating analysis, especially when you consider that the little things where an iPad does fall flat are often nitpick niche cases. In my experience, PC users are quick to point out Microsoft Office, but for the day-to-day stuff I do, Word and Excel on the iPad are sufficient (Pages and Numbers probably would, if I wasn’t going to mess with importing and exporting files I’d share). Other than that, there’s a few Flash-based sites and some other fussy legacy things that I would love to see go away anyway.

Snippet: What’s a Computer? ☍

Apple’s new ad for the iPad Pro is pretty good, but I think those hoping for a new Mac Pro or non-crappy MacBook Pro keyboards are probably cringing a bit.

Update: As the URL slug was already used, I did some digging and forgot that Apple used this tagline a little over a year ago.

June 28, 2017

Article: The Threat of Replacing Laptops

Although the iPad turned seven earlier this year, it still feels far from a mature platform. For me, that’s fine, as it has made leaps and bounds, and the Mac in 1991 or Windows in 1992 (or 1993?) also had a ways to go to be considered “perfect.” Progress is important and as new use cases develop, it’s fun to see a platform grow and change. I’ll be the first to say that Apple was asleep at the wheel with iPad software development at times, and with iOS 11, that looks like it’s going to change. However, there’s a notion being kicked around if it matters that an iPad can replace some other computing device…

March 30, 2017

Snippet: iPad Optics ☍

Horace Dediu:

Note that the iPad decline is paired with a steady increase in the Mac. The iPad exhibits a four year decrease in overall volumes. This has, as they say, bad optics.

But what is seen isn’t all that might be,

If we look further we see that the iPad is still a much loved and much used product. Data from the Pew Internet Survey shows that tablet ownership among US adults increased from 45% in April 2015 to 48% in April 2016 and 51% in November 2016. The rise has been steady. Although this counts tablets, the iPad had 85% share of the U.S. market for tablets priced above $200 so it’s a fair assumption that the iPad audience is growing. Similar data exists for the UK.

For a device that supposedly sounds doomed and serves no point with smartphones and traditional computers, I hear a lot of buzz about iPads and see them everywhere. The fact that people were anxiously awaiting the fifth-generation iPad also gives me hope for sales growth.

February 17, 2017

Snippet: Apple’s New ‘We Hear You’ Ad Campaign ☍

These new iPad Pro ads are clever, speak well to a non-geek audience, and are very overdue.