January 28, 2014

Review: Realmac Software Ember

EmberIn the days that Macs featured rainbow-colored Apple logos, there was a handy tool that lived in the Apple Menu—the Scrapbook. The idea was that you could use it as a place for images, text, sounds, and other content that you could later paste in documents. Unfortunately, with the transition to OS X, Scrapbook didn’t make the cut. Realmac Software has sort of resurrected the idea with Ember, a $50 Mac app and free iOS app combo…

March 18, 2013

Review: FutureTap Street View

Street ViewWith iOS 6, Apple moved away from Google Maps as its source for map tiles. Building a new mapping system from scratch is no small task, and the public was quite critical. Eventually Google released its own Google Maps app for iOS and Apple’s own mapping system has gotten quite good. Besides public transit information, Maps also lost the ability to show Google’s Street View panoramic photography. If you opt to not use the Google Maps app, FutureTap is offering a standalone app, dubbed Street View, which integrates with Apple Maps and sells for 99¢…

December 21, 2012

Review: Touchkraft Auris

AurisKickstarter projects are always a mixed bag, as you give an unknown vendor money in hopes of a project coming to fruition as described. On top of that, you’re not actually buying the product, but giving money to support its development, often in exchange for a final version as a “reward”. This model has worked well for many (just ask the guys at Studio Neat), and once products actually become successful, they can sustain an enterprise enough to be sold and manufactured via traditional means. Such is the case with Touchkraft’s Auris, a product I initially became interested when I was trying to find a better way to integrate my iPhone 4 in my car. After some changes from the initial deign, the Auris will now be available to the general public for $40…

October 22, 2012

Review: Check the Weather

Apple iPhone 5Although there are a few standout hits, it seems that to-do lists and Twitter apps are overrunning the App Store. Weather apps have also grown into yet another one of these categories, despite Apple including a very basic forecast one in iOS. The early leader was the free offering from The Weather Channel, but other traditional weather outlets have followed. Now, David Smith & Cross Forward Consulting have created a new challenger—Check the Weather

September 24, 2012

Review: Apple EarPods

Apple EarpodsWhile one may automatically assume that the earbuds included with Apple’s iPods and iPhones are uncomfortable, poor sounding, and fragile, September 12’s introduction of EarPods hopes to change that. After more than three years of work, the cheesily-named $29 earbuds are Apple’s attempt to provide a product that will suit most users’ tastes…