September 11, 2008

Review: Griffin PowerDuo Universal

Griffin PowerDuoWe’ve reviewed a number of Griffin products over the years, including the PowerJolt and the PowerBlock. With Apple not including an AC adapter with any iPods these days, this is often a necessary extra expense. Rather than get the small white box from everyone’s favorite fruit-themed computer company, Griffin offers a pair of power accessories for only $5 more.

September 1, 2008

Review: SendStation PocketDock AV

PocketDock AVSendStation’s PocketDocks were great for tapping into various capabilities of the iPod’s 30-pin Dock Connector port, but with the Fifth Generation iPod, video output was thrown into play. Because of that, SendStation created something new to give users the capabilities to hook up their iPod to a TV without needing Apple’s cables…

February 22, 2008

Review: Griffin AutoPilot

Griffin AutoPilotNot everyone wants or needs an FM transmitter to utilize their iPod in their car. For many, this is due to a crowded FM spectrum or the fact that many cars come with auxiliary inputs…