September 6, 2005

Review: Plextor ConvertX PVR for Mac

In the last few months, we’ve looked at a few PVR products for Mac OS X. So far, the Miglia EvolutionTV was a USB 2.0 product, while the ElGato EyeTV 200 was FireWire-based. The ConvertX PVR for Mac by Plextor combines features from both.

August 19, 2005

Review: El Gato EyeTV 200

Although there are quite a few TV tuners that connect externally to most Macs, they require USB 2.0. Because of this, many users are left out, especially since FireWire is more common. Elgato, one of the first companies to offer a TV solution for OS X, offers FireWire connectivity and a bit more in its […]

July 26, 2005

Review: Miglia EvolutionTV

A little over a year ago, we took a look at the Miglia AlchemyTV DVR, a TV solution for Power Mac G4 and G5 owners. After a few software updates, we found it to be an excellent product, both in price, features, and usability. For a little more than some DVD/VCR combos, you could have […]

June 28, 2005

Review: Miglia AlchemyTV DVR

I’m a TV junkie. I’ll admit it. Adding television to the Mac has always been considered a cool, but under-utilized option for many Macs, since the Mac TV and early Performas. These days, USB and FireWire devices allow people to watch TV on their Macs and record their favorite programs onto the hard drive, but […]