June 27, 2023

“Here’s an idea: don’t wrestle. Go back to building stuff. Making cool shit. That’s the job. It may seem sort of boring now with all the money and attention of the world. But that’s what we, the people, actually want. And like and respect. Do that. That’s the North Star.”

May 4, 2020

“Buying into a philosophy isn’t something unique to the iPad, it’s fundamental in how we pick our software platforms across the board.”

January 28, 2020

“It’s tempting to dwell on the Jobs point — I really do think the iPad is the product that misses him the most — but the truth is that the long-term sustainable source of innovation on the iPad should have come from 3rd-party developers.”

December 2, 2019

“Not forgo computers, but to decide you want to use a computer only when you need to. In other words, people find it quite easy to kill an entire day on a Mac without knowing how, and more difficult to do the same on an iPad. And that’s a plus for the iPad.”

June 28, 2019

“…Jony Ive had moved beyond designing computers. And let’s be clear: the entire point of Apple has always been and should always remain designing computers. Everything they make is a computer. Their genius in recent years has been making things that don’t seem like computers but really are computers…”