I’m finally shut down my Fever° installation for RSS (cleaned up some other things, too)…while it was good, it’s one more thing that needs tending to on my server and is no longer supported/updated. I’m trying Feedly with the Reeder app now…

Indiana finally allows alcohol sales on Sundays, and so I had to go buy something…this lone one was loose in Meijer’s liquor area, so I had to get it.

…that being said, I signed up for MoviePass, both because it fascinates me as a business, and can make going to the theater a more throwaway experience. I don’t know how long they can keep it going, but I might as well try, right?

…let’s take the most annoying part of sporting events and bring that to the movie theater! Somehow, the fact I can wait a little bit to see it cheaply at home with a pause button is what’s really hurting the theater experience. Don’t get me started on the “meals” and bar section…

I kinda hate that movie theaters are moving to fewer, assigned seats. People show up late, it’s a hassle if you want to spontaneously go, and it’s not fixing anything. High prices, not lack of a comfy, assigned seat, are what make me say “screw it” and look on Netflix/HBO/Amazon…

Asking the great folks of micro.blog: Am I weird for wanting fewer wired devices on my network? It seems like a lot of network admins (and amateur IT people) are still on the you-must-use-wired-always kick and there’s a general distrust for Wi-Fi.

In defeatist moments, there’s always a part of me that wonders if all this technology is really making things better. The fact that AMBER Alerts on phones are helping things made me a bit hopeful this morning: https://www.20k.org/episodes/emergencyalert

HomePods leaving rings everywhere… 🤷🏻‍♂️

I’ve been doing some thinking about this post. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy it, but the comments from Android fans are puzzling…plenty of other competing products that might be better, yet there are complaints about it? Apple delivers what it promises and only that…

I’m sitting on the sidelines for the HomePod launch, but as my day job of being a network admin, I find it incredibly annoying that Apple seems to hide the MAC address until after you set it up…aka MAC-based device registration on most college/universities won’t work.

One of the mysteries I always think about is what happened with 5by5…used to be my go-to for podcasts and it seems like it dried up almost overnight… 🤔

A point no one appears to have considered…what if the “What’s a computer?” iPad kid is actually living in a not-too-distant dystopian future where computers don’t exist? iPad form factors do tend to hang around for awhile (2017 iPad looks like a 2013 iPad Air) 🤔

Now that I have the full UniFi stack at home, I started playing more and more with the capabilities…even though it wasn’t much work, getting the VPN running from away from home feels like a big accomplishment. I think I’ll do a write-up on everything eventually?

I certainly can nitpick about some of my old posts, but it still amazes me that The Verge pays for writers for things like this.

The simple fix for this is for Facebook to stop being creepy, especially when it comes to mobile apps, ditch the algorithm, and make me want to waste time with it.

This is so ridiculous and creative that I really enjoy the concept…too bad I can never use it because the 8 Plus battery is basically bottomless… 😥

I’m having an I’m-getting-old moment…the whole YouTuber-bros phenomenon has been largely off my radar and the more I dig into it, all I can think is the same thing: “How is this content so damn popular?” (Brought to light with the Logan-Paul-in-Japan controversy)

Too much winter ⛄️❄️🌲

I don’t think having tweets printed out because you don’t use Twitter is something to be proud of…for that particular account, you don’t have to be a Twitter user to even see it.…just bookmark the URL?!

I find the idea for this tool fascinating, and while I get that Apple may be reluctant to allow it, the network admin part of me wants to give it a try. On the other hand, speed tests have turned everyone into an expert on networking…