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News: Site News: A Bit of a Refresh…

by on May 16, 2007

Around a year ago, we moved SchwarzTech to a completely new system for publishing and have made a few changes here and there since then. After a few weeks off, we’re back and ready to get back to what we love—trying out products, sharing our thoughts, and hearing what you have to say…

SchwarzTech LogoWith this update, not too much has changed on what you actually see content-wise. The little white page area looks the same, review facts and stats are still in the same place, and navigation is pretty much the same. We like familiarity and figure you do, too.

What has changed is everything else. The sidebar has been completely reworked. For many, the archives page had trouble loading, so we tried to eliminate the need for it. Instead you can find everything in the sidebar. Because of this, we also were able to get rid of the header navigation (although clicking the header actually goes to the homepage now!) We’ve got categories there and right below that is a pull-down menu for quick access to chronological archives. Also on the sidebar, you’ll notice a few new things: “What’s New?” keeps you informed of what we’re up to, and “Stay Connected” allows you to subscribe to our site, offer general feedback, and find new ways to keep in touch with us. The ads are still there to help keep our site online.

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