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Snippet: iPad 4 Returns, 8GB iPhone 5C Offered ☇

Shared on March 18, 2014

Apple has made some changes to its iOS lineup—the iPad 4 replaced the iPad 2 and an iPhone 5C was introduced with 8GB of storage. While it might seem odd that Apple is making two lower-end products available, it means that Apple has more cohesive offerings. By replacing the iPad 2 with the iPad 4 at $399 (16GB), Apple now only sells iPads with Lightning connectors, and save for the non-Retina iPad mini, Retina Displays and A6/A7 processors. This makes the iPad family much like the iPhone family right now—unless you’re really cheap (and maybe uninformed), you’re going to get anything other than the iPhone 4s.

Speaking of iPhones, the smaller capacity iPhone 5C is being sold only in UK, France, Germany, Australia, and China at the moment, for £40 less if you were to buy it outright. If this eventually does replace the 4s at the low-end, this would mean no iPhones with Dock Connectors, 3.5″ displays, or less-than-A6 processors. In fact, this would make the iPod classic the only product with a Dock Connector.

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