News: Apple Event on Sep 9…”Let’s Rock”

by on September 2, 2008

Apple has announced that on Tuesday, September 9, there will be a special event held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco at 10am Pacific Time. The event, as the invites state, is entitled “Let’s Rock” and has an iPod-esque theme. What does this mean?

Let's Rock

New iPods…duh. Many are expecting the iPod line to get a refresh, since most of the models are almost a year old, and pricing just doesn’t quite match the iPhone. If you took advantage of Apple’s Back to School promotion, you may be kicking yourself because you bought a model that is on its way out, but the iPhone OS isn’t going anywhere. The iPod Touch may merely get a new enclosure, more storage space, and a few new features. Many are expecting the nano to get an entirely new look.

Many think that iTunes 8 will rear its not-so-ugly head at the event, too. Apple has consistently introduced big updates for iTunes in September and this year may be no exception.

What about the Macs? Apple has kept quiet on that, but many are expecting the MacBook Pro to get a redesign, and the MacBook to get metallic. The Mac mini is also getting kinda old, so it could get the ax or revamped.

What do you think Apple is going to come out with?

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