News: Apple TV to Be Sold at Target

by on April 23, 2007

Over the weekend, it was announced that Target will be selling Apple TVs. It was first reported by AppleInsider, and Target will join Best Buy, Circuit City, and CompUSA in selling the device:

“People familiar with Target’s plans say units should turn up in official capacity at several locations by month’s end, exploiting the monthly rollover (or electronics department “reset”) to establish a presence. Like Apple’s own retail stores, Target will reportedly equip at least some locations with a full-blown demonstration unit hooked up to a widescreen HDTV, showcasing the product for shoppers unfamiliar with its concept.”

We think this is a great turn of events, despite the market for the Apple TV to be somewhat small due to its HDTV-only nature and iPod-like price tag. However, getting information about the product out there is almost more important (not to mention it could spark some interest in the Mac mini…

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