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News: You Can’t Use That with an iPhone!

by on July 1, 2007

It seems that a number of iPod accessories aren’t working with the iPhone, including FM transmitters and other Dock Connector accessories that seem like they should. Many of these are products that directly display output on the iPod’s screen, but also includes other things, as well. We don’t have a comprehensive list, but over the next few weeks, we’ll be updating our archives to let you know what we’re told is “officially compatible” with the iPhone and what isn’t. Until then, check the web site or packaging of the product in question. The iPhone is not an iPod, and even Apple is saying it might not work the same:

Many iPod accessories that use the 30-pin connector — such as chargers and speakers — may also be compatible with iPhone, even though they haven’t been certified as “Works with iPhone.”

When you connect an uncertified accessory, your iPhone will notify you and present you with the option to go into Airplane Mode, which turns off the communication capability of the iPhone while it’s connected to that accessory. This means that you’ll avoid potential audio interference, but you’ll be unable to make or receive calls. If you choose not to enter Airplane Mode, you can make and receive calls, but you may experience some audio interference.

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