News: Apple and Facebook Unable to Come to Terms

by on September 22, 2010

Yesterday, Business Insider reported that Apple and Facebook were unable to agree to terms regarding some level of social media integration into iTunes after 18 months of discussion. Furthermore, it appears as if no such deal is on the horizon.

Apple launched Ping, its own social media tool in iTunes, on September 1, 2010 at Apple’s annual iTunes event. Apple CEO Steve Jobs described Ping as being similar to Twitter or Facebook though more music centric. The service allows users to connect to friends and follow recording artists. According to Jobs, negotiations failed when Apple refused to agree to Facebook’s “onerous terms.”

The absence of some Facebook Connect component within in iTunes has met some scrutiny despite the number of recent privacy concerns associated with Facebook.

Business Insider interestingly compares Facebook to the late-’90s Microsoft. “Working with Facebook as a large company is challenging at this stage, very similar to mid-late-’90s Microsoft.”

Regardless of the lack of Facebook integration, Ping reached well over 1 million users shortly after its announcement.

Does Ping need Facebook to be successful?

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