News: Apple Announces Mac OS X Lion

by on October 20, 2010

Today, Apple announced its eighth major version of OS X. The operating system, named Lion, will be available in summer 2011 and brings several new features to the operating system inspired by its development of iOS.

Among features included in OS X Lion are enhanced support for multi-touch gestures, a OS X app store, Launchpad, and Mission Control.

Despite recent patent fillings and speculation, Apple decided to forgo touchscreen integration on Macs and instead focus on utilizing current touch products (Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, etc.) to aid in navigating the operating system, providing a more iOS-like experience.

Launchpad is a new application that displays applications much like they are displayed on iOS devices, allowing users to rearranged icons, create pages, and even create folders, right on the user’s desktop screen. The dock still remains, but it can be argued that users may forgo the dock in place of Launchpad.

The Mission Control feature is a lot like Exposé on steroids now allowing mutli-touch features to access different screens and application clusters.

Apple also announced a OS X-based “App Store” that will allow owners to purchase and download various applications onto their Mac in the same fashion that iOS users do currently. The OS X App Store will be available in 90 days.

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