News: Apple Begins MagSafe Replacement Program

by on November 8, 2011

In a move that should make a number of folks happy, Apple will be replacing failing MagSafe AC adapters found on many earlier MacBooks and MacBook Pros, due to strain on the connector. These are the so-called “T” style that feature a white plastic connector, as opposed to the newer, 90° metal “L” connector. The reasoning for this? A settlement that has been reached in a court case over the design of the connectors.

The support document states:


If you received a notice that referred to Apple’s Adapter Replacement Program, read on to learn about strain relief and see the Resolution section to learn how to obtain a replacement adapter.

Apple may provide customers a replacement adapter if the power adapter shows signs of strain relief. Strain relief is defined as a condition where the DC cable (the thin cord that attaches the MagSafe connector to the power adapter) separates from the end of the MagSafe connector or from the other end of the thin cord, at the power adapter. For more information about strain relief, see section 6 of Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe Adapters.


Whether your product is in or out of warranty, you can take your adapter to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store for evaluation and replacement if necessary. Pending the results of evaluation, you may or may not be eligible for a replacement adapter free of charge. Signs of accidental damage would negate any coverage. Be sure to bring in the computer used with the adapter; it is required to process potential adapter replacements.

For information about the cash payment for replacement adapters referred to in the notice, go to or call 1-888-332-0277.  You will be provided with a detailed notice and claim form package that contains everything you need.

The settlement site also talks about refunds for replacements:

The settlement will provide a cash payment if you are the original owner (by purchase or gift) of certain Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro computer models (“Subject Computer”) or separately purchased an Apple 60W or 85W MagSafe MPM-1 (“T”) Power Adapter (“Adapter”), your Adapter showed signs of Strain Relief Damage, and you purchased a Replacement Adapter within the first three years following the initial purchase of the Subject Computer or Adapter. If the court approves the settlement, you may be entitled to a cash payment in the following amounts depending on whether you purchased your Replacement Adapter during the first, second or third year following the initial retail purchase of the Subject Computer or Adapter: (a) first year, the actual amount you paid (excluding taxes and shipping/handling fees) up to a maximum of $79; (b) second year $50; (c) third year $35. There is a limit of three refunds per Subject Computer. You may also be able to obtain a Replacement Adapter at no charge from Apple if your Adapter shows signs of Strain Relief Damage now or in the future.

For filing a claim of purchased adapters, users have either until March 21, 2012 or three years from the date of original purchase (whichever is later). Furthermore, Apple will cover current and future replacements free of charge through December 31, 2012, long after a large number of the affected machines will be replaced.

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