News: Apple Kills Bluetooth Headset, Few Upset

by on March 23, 2009

Although this probably fits the less important category of news, Apple discontinued the iPhone Bluetooth Headset over the weekend. The $99 (originally $129) device was introduced alongside the iPhone in 2007. It seems that it didn’t sell all that well, especially since the iPhone came with a wired “headset” that also could be used for music.

iPhone Bluetooth HeadsetAlthough we’re not arguing that it is a cool-looking product and apparently works as advertised, you have to wonder if there are better alternatives out there for less money. The headset was criticized for just okay range and mediocre battery life. Furthermore, it only had one button for control, rather than a few like most midrange to high-end headsets.

It also could be that people would rather have earbuds in their ears and look like any other iPod user rather than being “that guy” (or “that girl”) on the street. In cars they make sense, but with many new cars coming with Bluetooth capabilities, what’s the point there for Apple either?

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