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News: Apple Ready for the Holidays

by on November 4, 2008

Rumors have been circulating that Apple would be introducing updated Mac minis, iMacs, and Mac Pros as early as November 10, but apparently that plan has been shelved. Apple spokesman Bill Evans told Macworld, “Our holiday line-up is set.”

This is a bit odd that Apple didn’t bother updating the iMacs, which are a bit due for at least a speed bump. The Mac Pros were updated in January where two cores became four. The Mac mini is brutally outdated, having been updated in 2007. Also, this means that not all Macs will feature DisplayPort until at least 2009. Finally, does this mean that Apple is going update the 17″ MacBook Pro in time, or was that included since they mentioned a new one would be ready this month?

This does leave a number of questions regarding Apple’s lineup, but just like a good baseball coaching staff getting ready for the playoffs, it seems we just have to trust the line-up.

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