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News: Apple Recalls Some Verizon iPad 2 Units

by on June 13, 2011

In a rather strange turn of events, Apple has been recalling some Verizon iPad 2s, due to a firmware flashing glitch. Some, due for delivery, have been called back, while others had made their way to retail stores.

The issue, which was first mentioned on Friday that some iPad 2s were being recalled while in transit to customers. Soon after, it was confirmed to The Wall Street Journal’s AllThingsD:

Apple confirmed to AllThingsD on Friday that it has recalled a very small number of Verizon iPad 2 models after the products were inadvertently shipped with identical electronic serial numbers.

The numbers, officially known as mobile equipment identifiers (MEIDs), are important in the activation of devices that use Verizon’s cellular network and are designed to be unique to the individual device.
“Duplicate MEID numbers were flashed onto an extremely small number of iPad 2 units for the Verizon 3G network,” an Apple representative said on Friday.

Although most of the small number of devices involved were still in the process of hitting the market, a few had already found their way into customers’ hands.

Word of the issue had cropped up on various Apple enthusiast blogs, including 9to5Mac. Apple declined to specify the number of iPads involved. However, 9to5Mac said that one store sent back more than 100 of the tablets.

Sounds like they caught it early enough, but still, a rather strange mistake.

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