News: Apple To Hold Press Conference on Friday

by on July 14, 2010

It seems that the various reports of the iPhone 4’s antenna being its Achilles’ heel have finally forced Apple to do more than simply state that it’s “normal” or can be fixed via a software update. At least that’s what is being reported by Macworld in that Apple will be holding a special press conference on Friday morning (10AM Pacific Time) to address the iPhone 4.

Some are speculating that it could lead to a voluntary recall, while others think this may be an official announcement to quiet critics and possibly make the public feel like Apple is listening. This comes just days after Consumer Reports withdrew its endorsement of the product, despite otherwise higher
ratings. Prior to that, Apple stated the issues were software related, in response to possible lawsuits.

At this point, we’ve seen iPhone 4s working perfectly and some having these issues. Could it just be a faulty batch? Could it be a design flaw? We’ll have coverage on Friday morning.

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