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News: AT&T to Change Data Plans Again

by on January 18, 2012

After about a year and a half, AT&T is going to change its iPhone and iPad data plans again. Previously, the plans consisted 200MB for $15, 2GB for $25, or 4GB for $45 w/tethering. Users who had the long-discontinued unlimited for $30 plan have recently been experiencing throttling if they go over 2GB of data per month. The new plans are only slight increases, in both prices and allotments.

AT&TJust as the prior plans, AT&T also gives unlimited access to AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots, to encourage more people to get their data from somewhere other than a tower. The new smartphone plans consist of:

  • DataPlus 300MB/$20: Extra 300MB for $20.
  • DataPro 3GB/$30: Extra 1GB for $10.
  • DataPro 5GB/$50: Extra 1GB for $10, also includes tethering/mobile hotspot

The iPad’s plans are similar:

  • Existing 250MB Plan/$15: Extra 250MB for $15.
  • DataConnect 3GB/$30: Extra 1GB for $10.
  • DataConnect 5GB/$50: Extra 1GB for $10.

The change will take effect starting Sunday for new customers or those who elect to switch. As always, current uses can keep their plans, as long as they never switch to the new ones.

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