News: iPhone OS 3 Now Available

by on June 17, 2009

After a bit of early morning anticipation, Apple released iPhone OS 3.0 today. On iPod touch models, it is a $10 upgrade. If you have an iPhone model, it’s free. This update boasts many changes, many to give developers more tools, but also improve usability of the operating system.

iPhone OS 3.0Below is a copy of our write-up from the iPhone OS 3.0 event in March:

First, the new software includes 1000 new APIs for developers, which allows things such as in-app purchases (buy more levels for a game), peer-to-peer gaming (and other apps), custom apps for accessories, integration with Google Maps, push notifications, and turn-by-turn directions. Streaming video has been tweaked, allowing it to adjust based on bandwidth.

The big news, however, is the much-anticipated inclusion of MMS and cut, copy, and paste. Other improvements include the ability to send multiple photos in an email, landscape mode in many more apps, voice memos, CalDAV and .ics calendars, more stock information, and searches on both the home screen and within apps.

You can get the new iPhone software by choosing “Update…” on your iPhone/iPod’s section on iTunes.

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