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News: iPhone OS 4 on Thursday

by on April 5, 2010

Things haven’t even cooled down yet with the iPad and Apple is already making announcements about the future. On Thursday, April 8, at 1PM ET, a sneak peak will be shown of the next version of the iPhone OS, which also runs on iPod touches and the iPad.

This does seem really close to the iPad launch and quite short notice for an Apple press event. However, many are speculating that this could be the result of iPhone OS 4 coming on the 3G iPads or that a new iPhone is around the corner, possibly earlier than the usual mid-summer launch. Why would that be a reason? Early upgrades for AT&T users—if people are coming off their contracts from the first round of iPhone 3Gs, they may start looking elsewhere and jumping ship. If AT&T were to offer them a new iPhone and new contract with a few months left in their contract, they may be more inclined to stay. Obviously this is just a theory, but something to think about in regards to Apple and AT&T’s relationship.

Not much else about iPhone OS 4 is known as this point, but many expect or are hoping for multitasking, an updated lock screen, and the ever-famous “feature to be named later”.

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