News: Let’s Talk iPhone Event on October 4

by on September 27, 2011

As expected, Apple announced yesterday that it will have an iPhone event on October 4. The Loop received an invitation and the event will be held on Apple’s campus at 1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific).

The invitations are in the simple style so often used by Apple, featuring icons for Calendar (set to Tuesday the 4th), Clock (at 10am), Maps (One Infinite Loop), and Phone (with a missed call or voicemail, no less…someone should’ve let that graphic designer know to clear the notifications on that!) The caption reads “Let’s talk iPhone” suggesting that the iPod may be neglected this year. Apple has also been closing some retail stores for renovations, possibly to make sure they’re done before the launch.

Let's Talk iPhone

Just a quick programming note on this event—we’ll be covering this event on both this site and on our Twitter accounts, @schwarztech & @schwarztechlive.

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