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News: The New SchwarzTech

by on August 23, 2011

Generally, we try to report more on others than ourselves, but sometimes things are worth mentioning. In this case, we’re pleased to announce the latest version of SchwarzTech. Just about everything is the same, but we’ve cleaned up the code quite a bit, changed the layout to a simpler, two-column format, and a few other changes to make things our own.

SchwarzTech LogoThere have been many sites which have changed the layout over the last year, often with negative reactions from readers. Our old layout lasted us about four years, while the one before that held up for about a year. We hope this change is a positive one, especially due to a cleaner and more accessible format (everything site-related is on the left, while the content is on the right). As we’re still working out some kinks, a few changes may take place over the next week or two. Also, if you find anything, contact us. Thanks again for your continued support—there’s plenty of new content coming down the line!

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