News: Updated Remote App Hits App Store

by on September 28, 2010

Apple has finally let its lone remote app developer out of hiding and released version 2.0 of its remote app bringing iPad and AppleTV support along with an improved interface for Retina Display devices.

In addition to features and bug fixes, the app sports a new, more iTunes-like icon along with support for iTunes 10. The app store lists the following new updates for version 2.0:

  • Designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
  • Optimized for Retina displays and large screen real estate on iPad
  • Support for Shared Libraries on iTunes and new Apple TV
  • Bug fixes and compatibility with iTunes 10 and the new Apple TV

The major features of the Remote app in general include:

  • Control iTunes and Apple TV, from anywhere in your home
  • Pause, rewind, fast forward, shuffle, and adjust the volume from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad
  • View album, movie, and TV show artwork
  • Create and update Genius playlists
  • Create and edit playlists in iTunes
  • Search your entire iTunes library
  • Control iTunes to send music to AirPlay speakers
  • Control the volume on each speaker independently
  • Control Apple TV with simple finger gestures
  • Enter text with the keyboard
  • Even control Shared Libraries on iTunes and the new Apple TV

Download it now and let us know what you think.

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