News: The iPod/iTunes Update One-Paragraph Report

by on September 12, 2006

Today the iPod lineup got a refresh. Regular iPods are now $249 (30GB) and $349 (80GB). They feature a 60% brighter screen, 1.5 hours longer battery life, seamless playback, improved scrolling, search, and games. Speaking of games, you can now buy games for $4.99 on the iTunes store. The nanos are now basically thinner iPod minis. They come in a variety of colors, are aluminum and have slightly brighter screens. Prices for those are $149 (2GB), $199 (4GB), and $249 (8GB). iTunes was updated to version 7 and now offers a better system of organization, the ability to buy movies for $9.99-$14.99, and has an even more refined interface. Steve Jobs also demoed a device simply known as the $299 “iTV” so far that is due in the first quarter of next year and will allow you play content from your computer onto your TV.

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