Snippet: The Mac at 30: Apple’s ‘Thirty Years of Mac’ ☇

Shared on January 24, 2014

I’ve always viewed Apple—especially in its current incarnation—as a company that always chose not to talk about the past. Sure, we would see videos of cool things people are doing with iOS devices at the launch of the next version of said device, but the history Apple acknowledges always seems to be within a three year window. In this case, the company surprised a lot of people who shared my expectations and created a microsite not only celebrating the product and everything that people have done with it—the individual model pages give old technology the same modern sales treatment as current Macs, and there’s even a poll about your first machine:

Thirty years ago, Apple introduced the Macintosh with the promise to put the creative power of technology in everyone’s hands. It launched a generation of innovators who continue to change the world. This 30‑year timeline celebrates some of those pioneers and the profound impact they’ve made.

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