News: T-Mobile USA to Sell Apple Products in 2013

by on December 6, 2012

It seems pretty sad that T-Mobile still doesn’t have the iPhone, despite a number of smaller regional carriers offering it. This is partially due to the frequencies used being different for so long, meaning Apple would have to make a T-Mobile USA-specific iPhone. Still, that’s about to change, as Apple and T-Mobile signed an agreement to launch products in 2013.

T-Mobile itself mentions the move as a mention in a press release regarding more investment in growth:

The higher investment volume is to be used to roll out the broadband infrastructure in Germany and the United States in particular. In the mobile communications network, this will be done using the state-of-the-art technology LTE. Around EUR 6 billion is earmarked for rolling out the broadband infrastructure in the German fixed network with optical fiber and vectoring between 2013 and 2020. In addition, T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013.

Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile USA’s parent company, has offered the iPhone and iPad on other T-Mobile properties for some time. Coincidentally, T-Mobile will be launching its LTE network in the United States in 2013.

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