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Review: Clips 4 Shuffle Clip

by on January 24, 2006

Am I the only one who doesn’t really buy into the whole softcase idea for iPods? Sure they look cool, but do they actually protect the device from anything but scratches? I feel something a little beefier should be trying to absorb the impact my iPod may be absorbing if I drop it.

Although not the most stylish of the shuffle cases, the Clips 4 Shuffle Clip system is functional and well protects the iPod shuffle from harm’s way. They are hard (goes a long way in my book).

Clips 4
Clips 4 Shuffle Clips + iPod shuffle

Clips 4
Clips 4 Shuffle Clip in Packaging

Each coloured (they come in solid black, clear, translucent neon green, and translucent neon pink) case comes in 2 sections. To operate the shuffle’s toggle switch on the back, simply slide down the back of the case, operate, and close.

I generally use mine as a travel case. Take the iPod shuffle out, use it, pop it back in the Clips 4 Shuffle Clip (is that REALLY the best name for it?) and take it places to do stuff. With. It. It also protects the shuffle’s outsides from all the random stuff floating around in my backpack, from 9v batteries to vitamins to guitar picks.

The solid black case doesn’t allow the user to see the LED lights on the front or back of the shuffle. But really, is seeing an interface what sold you on the Shuffle in the first place? Pity then. Wait. You did buy an iPod shuffle for it’s brilliant interface design? Ahh, well, then steer clear of the black version, and go for clear, pink, or green. I use the black front/green back combo. I named the combo after a certain first-gen videogame console from a certain namele$$ company.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

Clips 4 cases are well designed, hard, and well-protect the iPod shuffle.

Pros: Hard. A case. Colourful. Hard.
Cons: Limited functionality when case is engaged. Black case covers ‘interface’
Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: Clips 4
Company: Shuffle Clip
Platform: iPod (S)
Price: $12.95

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