Review: ColcaSac Juan Valdez iPad Sleeve

by on February 28, 2012

Continuing our iPad sleeve reviews from the SwitchEasy Thins earlier this month, we had the chance to try ColcaSac’s newest product, the aptly named $60 Juan Valdez, a sleeve made out of burlap from old coffee bags. As someone who drinks too much coffee as it is, I was eager to try this sleeve with my iPad.

ColcaSac Juan Valdez ColcaSac Juan Valdez ColcaSac Juan Valdez

With a design similar to its relatives, the Juan Valdez features a faux-sheepskin fleece lining, but is softer. Additionally, the outside of the sleeve is very eye-catching in that it still has the logos and designs of the original coffee bags. Besides the fact that no two sleeves would look exactly the same, this type of burlap is advertised as being more durable than regular burlap.

Like other ColcaSac products, there is a hemp canvas lining beneath the burlap. This is not only to offer an extra layer or protection, but offer a backup for the corners if the burlap wears (which may happen over time). One on end, there is a flap that closes with Velcro and on the front of the sleeve, there is a pocket for accessories, such as an AC adapter, video adapter, or anything else you can think of.

We found our sleeve to be a snug fit with the original iPad, although the version was advertised as being for the “iPad 1 or iPad 2 w/Apple Smart Cover”. We suspect that over time, the sleeve will stretch a bit, but nonetheless felt very secure. The iPad 2-only version is a tad thinner.

Overall, the $60 price may be something that folks will have a hard time swallowing, especially since there are cheaper alternatives. For the price, you get a very durable, hand-made, and unique sleeve that will likely outlast your iPad. Let’s just hope that Apple keeps the 10″ form factor down the road.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

If you’re sick of the neoprene sleeves, hard plastic shells, or leather folio-style cases, the Juan Valdez iPad Sleeve is a solid alternative.

Pros: Very unique design, durable, lots of protection

Cons: More inexpensive options for those who want a basic sleeve

The Facts

4/5Product: Juan Valdez Sleeve
Company: ColcaSac
Platform: iPad (1, 2, 3)
Price: $60

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