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Review: Contour Showcase 4G

by on October 19, 2004

The new Contour Showcase 4G, essentially is the same as the original Showcase, except that it features a redesigned foam cushion and changed cutouts on the front for the iPod’s click wheel. Because of this, most of our previous review applies.

The Contour Showcase is made of white rubber and clear plastic, making it seem to be a natural extension of the iPod. Contour’s idea was to create a case that matched the iPod aesthetically, but also provide adequate protection.

Contour Showcase
Contour Showcase

Contour Showcase
Contour Showcase Open

Made only for the fourth generation (the newest) iPods, this case will fit both sizes (20GB & 40GB), as an insert is provided to allow cushioning for the thinner models. The two ‘halves’ close around the iPod, and latch, providing a very secure-feeling case. Slots are cut out for the ports on the top and bottom. A circle is cut out for the click wheel.

A belt clip is included, and is removable. When installed, the case makes the iPod horizontal (similar to the new iSkin eVo² case and many cell phone cases), thus not hindering walking.

The iPod fits in the Showcase well, and the case is not much bigger than the iPod (it is more noticeable on the thin iPods). The case feels good in your hands, providing a good grip (thanks to the dual-injection molded rubber). Also, the hinges of the latch use real screws/metal pins, rather than those cheap plastic pins, providing a good sense of security.

If the case does get dirty, it can be wiped with a damp cloth, and mild soap can be used for stubborn dirt.

The price, around $40, seems to be about right for a product of this kind. Since this is an iPod hard case, the price can be expected to be fairly more than a soft case, but the extra expense is worth the protection from bumps, scratches, and other mild abuses.

One gripe is that accessories, such as the Griffin iTrip and iTalk require you to remove the iPod from the Showcase. Although not much of a pain, it is something that many cases offer.

The Showcase will be available in different colors, including blue, pastel blue, green, yellow, red, pink, black, and the original white.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

We’re glad to see that one of our favorite cases has been updated to work with the latest iPods.

Pros: Solid all-around protection
Cons: Inability to use top-mount accessories

Rating: 9/10

The Facts

Product: Showcase 4G
Company: Contour Design
Platform: iPod (4)
Price: $32.95

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