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Review: Contour Design Showcase Video

by on March 21, 2006

A few months ago, we checked out Contour Design’s iSee-video, a fine case for the newest iPods, but for those who would rather have a case more like Contour’s Showcase for the newest iPods no longer have to wait. The Showcase Video is designed for the video-equipped iPods and features some minor changes from its predecessors, but keeps all the important features.

Priced at $32.95, this Showcase is on the more expensive side of iPod cases. What it does offer is lots of protection, due to its rubber-surrounding-plastic nature. Included with the case is a belt clip similar to Contour’s other cases, but tooled to fit this particular one.

Contour Showcase Video
Showcase Video + iPod

Contour Showcase Video
Showcase Video (Back)

Contour Showcase Video
Showcase Video (Opened)

The Showcase Video features the same clamshell design of the previous version. A rather large latch kept the case closed, but has been replaced with two sliding latches that take up less space and are more secure. The rest of the case has been cleaned up and has an added “slick factor”. The case is currently only available in black, which looks really good on the black iPods, but is also decent on the white models.

Another change is that there are two separate versions now—one for the 30GB and one for the 60GB. Previously, there was only one size and thinner iPods were “bulked up” by using a foam insert.

There are openings on the top for the hold switch and headphone jack and on the bottom for the Dock Connector. The headphone jack is rather large, allowing even the headphone connectors with lots of plastic around the edges to fit. The nice thing about the bottom opening is that it is big enough for accessories like Apple’s Camera Connector or SendStation’s PocketDocks. Many full-length accessories will not fit, however, but the case is very easy to remove. The only other part of the iPod that is exposed is the Click Wheel.

Some might find the extra exposure a bit unsettling, but the corners and back of the iPod are fully protected—even more so than the rest of the case, due to the rubber edges. It acts like a bumper.

A matching black belt clip fits on the back and keeps the iPod horizontally on a belt. You can reverse it depending on whether or not you want the headphone jack facing to the right or left. We thought this was a great little “feature”, and were also impressed by the lack of posts, clips, or other annoyances when the belt clip is removed.

The back of the case features 4 rubber bumpers to act as feet when the case is sitting on a desk or table.

In daily use, the Showcase Video is just like any other Contour case—excellent. It felt very secure, and did a great job of protecting the iPod. The case looks good, fits well, and doesn’t cost too much.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

Contour Design’s third edition of the Showcase is an even better iteration of the previous models.

Pros: Solid protection, doesn’t take away from iPod’s appearance, more protection than iSee-video, reversible removable belt clip, compatible with some accessories
Cons: Only available in black
Rating: 10/10

The Facts

Product: Showcase Video
Company: Contour Design
Platform: iPod (5)
Price: $32.95

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