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Review: DLO PodFolio

by on April 2, 2007

Awhile back, we reviewed the DLO Relaxed Leather Case, and although we were pretty happy with this product, some users might want a more traditional design. Hence, DLO also has the PodFolio, a black leather case, designed to work with fifth-generation iPods. As this product is much like the Relaxed Leather Case with a different “skin”, much of the previous review applies.




The $30 case looks like a bigger version of the PodFolio for iPod nano, but with a slightly different arrangement for the screen/Click Wheel cutouts. The entire case is made of soft leather and the flap is even padded. A strip of leather surrounds the screen A cutout on the bottom of the case allows easy access to the Dock Connector.

One thing to note about this case is that it stays closed with a magnet. We’re not sure if the magnet will really hurt the iPod’s hard drive, but since Apple has been using them in their notebooks for the last 5 years, it doesn’t seem like a problem. This mechanism seems like it might be more durable than Velcro or snaps, which have a tendency to wear out.

The screen and Click Wheel are exposed when the case is opened. A thin strip of leather surrounds the screen on the left, right, and top. It seems more for appearance than anything else. Although there is no screen or Click Wheel protection, the case covers most of the iPod when closed.

Under the cover, there is a slot for an ID card or credit card. This is somewhat handy, although you’ll only be able to carry one card.

The nonremovable belt clip is competent, and covered in leather, a nice change from the plastic or metal clips that look out of place on other cases. It does not stick out enough to be a problem when not in use.

It is a bit tough to remove the iPod from the case, but we’ve found it to get easier with use. Plus, unless you are using bottom-mounted accessories or docks, removal of the case is not particularly necessary.

In summary, DLO’s PodFolio is essentially the more down-to-business sibling of the Relaxed Leather Case. Because of this, we think that it will appeal to a wider audience who wants a more conservative look with the same design. It does a pretty good job of keeping your iPod from being exposed and is even a bit cheaper.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

The PodFolio provides adequate protection for most users in a traditional leather iPod flip-case design.

Pros: Protects iPods well, flap stays closed with magnet, belt clip matches
Cons: Dock Connector and corners of iPod exposed
Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: PodFolio
Company: DLO
Platform: iPod (5)
Price: $29.99

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