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Review: DLO PowerBug for iPod shuffle

by on December 21, 2006

About a year ago, we looked at a charger, known as the Sonnet iPod USB Power Adapter. Basically, it was a simple USB charger for owners of various iPods. When we received the DLO PowerBug for iPod shuffle about a week ago, we couldn’t help but notice the similarities in the main component.

As the new shuffle lacks a USB connector and does everything through its headphone jack, third-party accessory makers had to step up their creativity. In this case, DLO took a product that is pretty standard (the USB charger) and created their own USB-to-headphone adapter cable. The whole package sells for a very reasonable $23.


PowerBug & Cable

DLO’s actual AC adapter is one of the smallest we’ve seen on the market. Although the curved casing doesn’t quite match Apple’s product line, especially the new shuffle, the white color with the silver printing does. A small LED indicates whether or not the adapter is getting power and if it is charging an iPod. A USB connector is on the bottom for connecting the included cable for charging an iPod shuffle. The plug itself folds away for travel, just like the options from Apple, Griffin, or Sonnet.

The AC adapter can be used with any iPod that supports USB charging, and is capable of “fast charge” on the iPods, too. Older iPod shuffles can plug directly into the unit’s USB port and iPods that utilize the Dock Connector for charging can be used as long as you provide the cable.

This charger can even be used worldwide, as it supports 100-240V, 50/60Hz, although you will have to get a physical adapter for the plug.

We liked that this was one of the first options for the new iPod shuffle, and adapts a previous idea for users of the smallest member of the iPod family. Having the included cable also work for synchronizing is an added bonus, especially since you can leave the bulkier dock at home.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

DLO has brought users of the second-generation iPod shuffle a good alternative for charging their iPods.

Pros: Good build quality, USB-to-headphone jack cable included
Cons: None significant

Rating: 10/10

The Facts

Product: PowerBug for iPod shuffle
Company: DLO
Platform: iPod (4* 5* M* N* S)
Price: $22.99

*requires use of your own USB-to-Dock Connector cable

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