Review: Foofbag for iPad

by on March 15, 2011

About two years ago, we reviewed the Foofbag, a sleeve for Apple’s MacBook family. As the company originally made cases for the iPod, it made sense for the iPad to also get in on the action. The Foofbag for iPad sells for $24AUD (about between $22 and $24 US), but was previously $28AUD. Just like its laptop-accommodating siblings, the Foofbag for the iPad features an array of designs, including tweed, corduroy, cotton, fleece, or anything else the crew over at Foof are able to get their hands on.

Foofbag Foofbag Foofbag
Foofbag Foofbag

As stated earlier, most the thoughts about the original Foofbag that was geared towards Apple’s notebooks holds true. It doesn’t include any zippers, velcro, elastic, flaps, straps, or stands. The iPad seems to be more at home with sleeve cases than MacBooks, as most people do not carry a number of accessories, nor need to put their iPad inside of a larger bag. The iPad fits snug enough inside that it won’t fall out. This also means that snap-on cases won’t work, nor will Apple’s official case. Also, in regards to the iPad 2, the Smart Covers may not work with the Foofbag, although due to the thinner size of the iPad, it might be possible. We cannot confirm this, although Foof will be releasing an iPad 2-specific version shortly.

The interior is made of “sherpa fleece”, which according to Foof, is made from acrylic and polyester, but feels and looks like a sheep’s fleece. There is also a layer of foam for a bit of padding. The construction of the case is fantastic, as it is hand-made.

Another big benefit is that this case does not scream, “I’m an iPad!” which may be good if you want to keep a lower profile. Then again, we cannot really think of many other devices that fit this form factor, and someone could always look into the open end.

Although the iPad is a pretty resilient device, a drop or impact could easily damage the screen, the aluminum on the sides and back does scratch, and it still is prone to damage by the elements. Because of this, the Foofbag is a relatively inexpensive—even with shipping from Down Under—and stylish option for those who want a case without necessarily needing protection while actually using the iPad.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

Foof’s iPad sleeve provides adequate protection, stylish fabric options, and offers something a little different than many other iPad sleeves.

Pros: Variety of unique fabrics, rather inexpensive, hand-made, high-quality construction, not iPad-generation-specific

Cons: Some may not like the stripped-down nature of the product, no other accessories

The Facts

4.5/5Product: Foofbag
Company: Foof
Platform: iPad (1, 2, 3)
Price: $24AUD

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