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Review: Foofpod

by on January 27, 2005

Apple’s iPod Socks are not the only plush, colorful, inexpensive cases on the market – the Foofpod is an Australian product available in a variety of colors for any iPod.

With a price tag of $12 (plus shipping), the Foofpod is relatively inexpensive compared to many other cases. You can only get these cases from the manufacturer’s Web site. The Foofpod is hand-made from a variety of fabrics, including faux fur, corduroy, and tweed. The available colors, patterns, and fabrics vary with what the manufacturers can obtain.


Foofpod + iPod

The Foofpod is a very simple case. You can’t control the iPod easily from within the case, unless you use a remote (the iPod’s click-wheel sorta works in the case). You can’t see the screen, either. What’s nice about this plain design is that it accommodates all iPods, including the Mini. iPods fit pretty securely in the case.

The inner lining of the Foofpod is quilted polyester with polyester wadding. Depending on what color you get, the lining will be black or silver.

If the case gets dirty, it can be cleaned by either washing (tweed, fleece, faux fur and corduroy) or dry cleaning (Japanese Kimono fabrics).

The case itself does a good job of what it is intended for – keeping the iPod clean and protected against drops and stuff in your pocket. While it’s not as full-featured as other cases, it’s perfect for people who use the dock, dockable speakers, or other accessories that don’t work with other cases.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The Foofpod is an inexpensive, quality case in a variety of colors, that is much better than Apple’s iPod Socks.

Pros: Inexpensive, durable, fits many iPod models
Cons: Can’t control iPod easily without remote
Rating: 9/10

The Facts

Product: Foofpod
Company: Foof
Platform: iPod (3 4 5 M N)
Price: $12

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