Review: Griffin iSqueez

by on July 18, 2005

Sometimes there’s a product that many look over because of its simple looks or lack of publicity. The Griffin iSqueez (formerly the PodPod) is one such product. With a price of $10, the iSqueez probably one of the least expensive solutions to put your iPod or iPod mini in your car.

What does it do? The grey foam rubber iSqueez fits into most cup-holders, and gives the iPod a padded, soft place to rest, while still allowing you to use a cigarette lighter charger, dock cables, and other accessories.

iSqueez + iPod


iSqueez + iTrip + XtremeMac charger + Honda Accord

Pop-out cup-holders, like those on our Taurus, might be tough.

iSqueez + Camping Chair

Our first thought before we took the iSqueez out of the packaging was that it would probably be a bit on the cheesy side. After taking it out of the plastic, we realized that we were wrong for making a decision before actually using the iSqueez.

Essentially, the iPod sits in it at a 45° angle and a cutout allows you use any Dock Connector cable through a little notch underneath the iPod. PocketDocks will be almost impossible to use, as there isn’t enough clearance. Any connector with the same dimensions as Apple’s own cables should fit with no trouble. Turning the iSqueez around allows you to use an iPod mini. The iPod mini could be used with a case using the larger iPod slot. Regular iPods can be used with silicone “skin” cases, but it is a tight fit.

We tested the iSqueez in various cars that we have, including an older Ford Taurus, a Honda Accord, and a Pontiac Vibe. All have differently designed cup-holders, so we figured that this would give us a good idea of how the supposedly universal the iSqueez is.

The iSqueez fit fine in the Honda, even though its cup-holders are a bit oversized compared to other cars. There are two in the console, one located in front of the other. The front one was much easier to use the iSqueez with. The cup-holders on the Vibe required a bit of force to put the iSqueez in, but the foam does give a bit. There are pop-out cupholders on the Vibe’s console for riders in the back seat and the iSqueez would not fit in those at all.

The Taurus was a different matter—it has the cup-holders that pop out of the dashboard (under the radio), and while the iSqueez fit, there wasn’t enough clearance behind it for the iPod to sit comfortably at an angle. A full-size iPod requires about 2 inches of clearance behind the cup-holders for the best results. We were able to have the iPod stand straight up, but it blocked some of the radio controls.

We have one of those little car organizer trays on the floor of the Taurus, since it lacks a center console. The iSqueez fit fine in the cup-holders on that.

Although about as nonstandard as you can get, we have a custom van with wood cup-holders. The size of these is quite large (you can fit a can with an insulator in one), but the iSqueez had no trouble staying in place.

WIth the iSqueez; an iTrip, AirPlay, audio patch cable, or tape adapter; and a cigarette lighter charger, you have a pretty good iPod in-car solution that is completely removable and modular.

On a whim, we wanted to see if the iSqueez fit in a camping chair cup-holder—it did. Now, you can have an “iPod Chair” without having to unload a lot of cash.

Even when driving around sharp corners, hitting a few bumps (some of the roads in our area are notoriously pothole-ridden), and going up and down hills, the iPod stayed in place in the iSqueez. We’re impressed with how well such a supposedly simple product works.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

If the iSqueez works in your car, it could be the best solution for mounting your iPod we’ve seen for such a low price.

Pros: Very inexpensive, fairly universal, simple, works with a large array of iPods
Cons: Unusable in many pop-out cup holders, does not work with larger Dock Connector accessories

Rating: 9/10

The Facts

Product: iSqueez
Company: Griffin Technology
Platform: iPod (3 4 5 M)
Price: $9.99

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