Review: Griffin TuneBox

by on November 8, 2005

The Griffin TuneBox is a portable, 2×2 watt speaker set designed primarily for use with the iPod Shuffle. You get a speaker unit, a power cable, and a small 3.5mm stereo cable. I started out using these not thinking I’d like them, nor would I ever pay money for a product such as this. But the portability won me over. I wish someone would design a set that pulled the power cable inside, so an all-in-one unit could be stowed safetly. Until then, the TuneBox power pack is not too obtrusive, and not too big. It’s larger than a standard plug: no doubt to house the transformer, but not a wall hog though.

TuneBox + iPod shuffle

TuneBox + iPod shuffle

Yeah, so the speakers clock in at a whopping 2 watts each. Nothing massive, but adequate to amplify the mid ranges (where the speakers excel) over the generally higher-pitched water noise in the shower. I have speakers in most rooms in my apartment, so the set sits in the bathroom and gets me going in the morning. I’m a bit picky when it comes to my speakers, so saying these don’t produce much bass or highs is probably a moot point. And yet I just said it. Hmmmm. But adequate they are.

The TuneBox also charges the iPod Shuffle. I rarely plug my Shuffle into a computer to charge it anymore. There are 2 small notches between the speaker columns to help guide the Shuffle into place when plugging in the USB.
A solid connection, and the Shuffle’s controls are right up front and center.

They are what they are. And I like what they are.

Pros: Excellent charger, solid design, easy to move, attractive packaging

Cons: Sound quality not much to speak of

The Facts

4/5Product: TuneBox
Company: Griffin Technology
Platform: iPod (S)
Price: $39.99

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