Review: Incase Pro Snap Case for iPhone 5/5S

by on August 18, 2014

A little over a year and a half ago, we reviewed Incase’s Snap Case for the iPhone 5, which also is compatible with the 5S. More recently, we took a look at the Pro Snap Case, a slightly different version of the case, featuring rubberized sidewalls for enhanced protection.

Incase Pro Snap Case Incase Pro Snap Case Incase Pro Snap Case Incase Pro Snap Case Incase Pro Snap Case

The Pro Snap Case is available in two different product families: the standard version features clear plastic backs and black, green, cobalt (blue), or raspberry (pink); and the tinted version which matches tinted plastic backs and pink, orange, green, blue (more like OS X’s Aqua color), purple, and black. All are priced at $30, making it the same price as the non-Pro version.

The back panel is in the same style as the original case—glossy, somewhat scratch-prone plastic, a black ring around the camera and flash cutout, but shows off the iPhone’s beauty quite well. The difference is the sides—gone is the stiff, plastic, replaced with rubberized walls, covering everything except the silent switch. The volume buttons are covered and feel nice, and the case seems a bit easier to install and remove. Our prior complaint of the top being fully exposed still stands, which makes less sense than in the past because the iPhone doesn’t need this large area exposed anymore—the headphone jack being moved to the bottom leaves only the power button exposed. With the flexible rubber material, Incase could’ve made this edge protected as well. As for the bottom, it’s completely exposed, which should be good for the numerous Lightning Connector-based accessories that exist. There is a slightly plastic lip on the top and bottom, which should help from things coming in contact with your phone.

Other than the exposed top, another comment from the Snap Case review holds true:

The Snap Case does not include any sort of screen protector, but won’t affect an existing one. Other than it being a tad on the pricey side and having a bit of your iPhone exposed, the Snap Case is a great choice for anyone wanting a minimal case.

Overall, the Pro Snap Case is a nice upgrade from the normal Snap Case, and adds a touch of color to the edges (and in some cases, the back) of your phone. Our only complaints are the exposed top edge, the lack of any sort of screen protector, and the scratches that can occur on the back plastic.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The Pro Snap Case improves upon the original, giving you a bit more grip and protection on the edges.

Pros: Simple, easy to install/remove, does not hinder aesthetic of iPhone
Cons: Top is exposed and doesn’t really need to be, back can show some scratches

The Facts

3.5/5Product: Pro Snap Case for iPhone 5/5S (Tinted Version)
Company: Incase
Platform: iPhone 5/5S
Price: $29.95

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