Review: The iRac

by on September 22, 2004

Laptop stands can be found in almost any shape or size, with large, ergonomic products designed for desk use; and small, inexpensive models for travel use. We took a look at the $10 iRac, one of the cheapest laptop stands on the market.

The iRac boasts being cheap (at $10, we can agree), lightweight, and compact. Created from an idea that a Ohio University professor devised with a coat-hanger, the iRac is an interesting product that we had to test. Besides being used as a laptop stand, the iRac can be used with a “sunflower” iMac to hold a keyboard for storage.

iRac 1
A Pair of iRacs

iRac 2
The iRac & an iBook

Available in two colors, while and stainless steel, the iRac will match most Macs perfectly. At the ends (where laptops or keyboards rest on the iRac), a rubber insulator has been placed, to prevent scratching and skidding.

In our tests, the iRac worked well. I was able to comfortably use my iBook with the iRac, raising the back of my computer about 2 inches. Although there were only 3 contact points, the iRac did a decent job of supporting the iBook. For owners of larger laptops, the iRac can be widened by bending it, although the height is not adjustable.

The iRac was also tested with an iMac and an Apple Pro Keyboard without any problems (the iRac hangs around the iMac’s “neck” and creates a shelf for the keyboard). The iRac works well to free up a little bit of desk space, and is inexpensive enough to make it a worthwhile investment to anyone on a budget.

Unfortunately, the iRac (as a laptop stand) isn’t without its faults. It’s unique design, while very innovative, requires it to be used only on a hard, flat surface (like a desktop or table). Various other products, such as the iLap and PodiumPad/CoolPad can be used almost anywhere. The iRac also might have trouble fitting in certain computer bags.

The iRac is an interesting product, with a price that won’t break the bank. It works well when used on the right surfaces (as a laptop stand), and does a great job of clearing up desk space (as an iMac keyboard shelf).

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The iRac is cheap, works well, and is a cool design.

Pros: Inexpensive, matches iMac or Apple laptops, innovative design

Cons: Limited use on certain surfaces, fits only in larger computer bags

The Facts

3.5/5Product: The iRac
Developer: Sam Girton
Price: $9.95

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