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Review: iSkin eXo

by on October 31, 2003

The iSkin eXo has been discontinued and replaced with a new and improved model. Check out our review of the new iSkin eVo for all the details.

There are probably more different kinds of iPod cases out there than mouse pads these days, and I took a look at one in particular. A relative of the iSkin Keyboard Protector I reviewed last week, the iSkin eXO is the newest iPod case from ackNOWLEDGE.

Just like the protector for the iBook keyboard, the iSkin Exo is a molded silicone “glove” that fits the iPod quite snugly and protects it from everyday bumps, scrapes, scratches, and other marring. It’s easy to grip and feels good in your hand, not to mention that it doesn’t look tacky, like some cases.

Installation & Docking

Putting an iPod in the case is very simple, and instructions are included. Stretch the screen “opening” to fit the iPod in, and slide it down, dock connector first. Then, pull the other part over the top of the iPod until it’s snug. Finally, insert the included flexible plastic screen protector between the iPod and the case and you’re in business. Believe me, it’s a lot easier than it sounds, and the pictures in the documentation illustrate it very well.

Docking the iPod is fairly easy. If you have just the cable, it’ll fit on the bottom with no fuss. If you have a dock, you must do the opposite of installation, only slide the bottom out through the opening for the scroll wheel (as seen in the pictures here. Supposedly, all this stretching and yanking on the silicone won’t hurt it.

A belt clip is included, and although to some it may look rather cheesy, it fits nicely on the metal “bolt” on the back of the case, and removes easily (but won’t seem to accidentally). A little loop for a hand strap is also on the side of the case, similar to those on many pocket voice recorders and CD players, but no strap is included.

The biggest downside is that the iSkin eXo is a soft case, so it won’t protect against physical shock, and because of the design, will not protect the buttons, scroll wheel, or the exposed ports from spills.


The protectors come in a variety of colors. Colors range from solid, to 25% translucent, to 75% translucent, and even glow in the dark. The test unit was an “Electra Blue” GLO model. The luminescence makes the case easy to find, especially if your iPod is sitting on a desk at night, but it can have its disadvantages too.


Cleaning is easy; using water and a mild dishwashing solution (NO SOLVENTS!), will keep the iSkin eXo clean and looking good.

ackNOWLEDGE’s service and support are very good, and if you have any questions, feel free to visit their site or drop them a line. I was pleased with this product, and if you’re still careful with your iPod (since it is a “soft case”) it may be the only iPod case you’ll ever need.

Rating: 7/10

The Facts

Product: eXo
Company: iSkin
Platform: iPod (3)
Price: No Longer Available

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