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Review: iSkin eXo²

by on December 23, 2003

We reviewed he original version of the iSkin eXo and were very impressed. Our comments/thoughts are the same, but some of our complaints are gone, and there are some other things to point out…

First, the iSkin eXo², like the original eXo is a molded silicone “glove” that fits the iPod quite snugly and protects it from everyday bumps, scrapes, scratches, and other marring. It’s easy to grip and feels good in your hand, not to mention that it doesn’t look tacky, like some cases- it’s an extension of the iPod itself.

Arctic iSkin eXo²

Installation & Docking

Putting an iPod in the case is very simple, and instructions are included. Stretch the screen “opening” to fit the iPod in, and slide it down, dock connector first. Then, pull the other part over the top of the iPod until it’s snug. Finally, insert the included flexible plastic screen protector between the iPod and the case and you’re in business. Believe me, it’s a lot easier than it sounds, and the pictures in the documentation illustrate it very well.

Docking the iPod is fairly easy. If you have just the cable, it’ll fit on the bottom with no fuss. If you have a dock, you must do the opposite of installation, only slide the bottom out through the opening for the scroll wheel (as seen in the pictures here. Supposedly, all this stretching and yanking on the silicone won’t hurt it.


Gone is the cheap-feeling plastic belt clip and the stupid ‘bolt’ that sticks out of the back of the case. Instead, there is a new stainless steel clip (called the REVOClip) that, when removed, leaves the back of the case level and smooth. The REVOClip is secure and can be fit on your belt either horizontally and vertically (see pictures at the right). A hand strap is now included as well.

The screen protector is improved, being made of hard plastic, instead of the softer material used before. This prevents the appearance of ‘liquid’ between the screen and protector, which is a welcome improvement. Unfortunately, some people reported that the plastic numbs which elevated the screen protector scratched their iPod. Although we could not duplicate it, this has reportedly been caused by dirt being caught between the nubs and the screen.

The case is now beveled around the buttons and scroll wheel, allowing easier access, and a slightly better appearance. The rest of the case also has seen minor changes in appearance, to make it look sleeker. There is also a cover for the dock connector. New pores are on the back, so that heat can be allowed to escape.


The new eXo² is not in nearly as many colors as the previous model. Colors are now Arctic, Ebony, Carbon, and Sonic (almost clear, black, grey, and blue).


Cleaning is easy; using water and a mild dishwashing solution (NO SOLVENTS!), will keep the iSkin eXo² clean and looking good.

Soft Case

The biggest downside is that the iSkin eXo² is a soft case, so it won’t protect against physical shock, and because of the design, will not protect the buttons, scroll wheel, or the exposed ports from spills.


If you want to do a promotional-type thing with these, you can get your company logo or other thing printed on these or other iSkin products with the Tattoo service. Prices are in lots of 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400+. Another suggested use is for schools and universities as a special ‘campus edition’ to go with computers sold to students.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

We liked the original iSkin eXo, although it did have some shorcomings, and since those were fixed in the eXo², we’ve given this one a higher rating.

Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: eXo²
Company: iSkin
Platform: iPod (3)
Price: $19.99

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