Review: iSkin ProTouch PB

by on December 18, 2003

We reviewed he original version of the iSkin ProTouch PB a few months ago, back before it had an official name. Our comments/thoughts are the same, but some of our complaints are gone, and there are some other things to point out…

The iSkin ProTouch PB Keyboard Protector is a molded, silicone ‘layer’ that fits over the keys of any Apple portable (iBook or PowerBook) made since the Wallstreet G3s all the way up to the current Aluminum PowerBooks. US and international keyboard layouts work with the ProTouch PB. Protecting your keyboard from gunk, hair, dust, and spills, installation and removal are painless. Typing and use are not inhibited.

iSkin ProTouch PB

New Designs

How does one molded keyboard protector fit multiple keyboard layouts? Simple – since there are different function key arrangements, there is now one ‘big’ key that fits over all of them. The same is true with the Return and \| keys. The molded keys for those two are combined, so if people have the weird international Return key, it will fit.


The new ProTouch PB is not in nearly as many colors as the previous model. Colors are now similar to that of the iSkin Exo²: Arctic and Sonic (almost clear frosted and blue). Our review model is the Arctic, and it allows you to see the letters and other markings on the keys easily.

Attachment & Cleanup

The best part…well…one of the best parts is that no adhesive is required to attach it. Installation is as easy as laying it over the keys. Removal is just as easy. Cleaning is easy, too – using water and mild dishwashing solution (NO SOLVENTS!), will keep the ProTouch PB, and can even prevent marks from showing up on your screen (if you clean it regularly, otherwise it will be the same as if you just had regular keys coming in contact with the screen).


I think many people don’t invest in things like this right away is because they are afraid that they won’t like the feel – that they wasted $20 on a product that, in theory will make their life better, but is annoying to type on. In my tests, I think that the ProTouch PB improves the feel, both by quieting the noise when typing, by making the bumps on the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys bigger and easier to find, and by making it slightly harder to hit a key off-center. It also quiets typing and gives a slightly different feel.


Some people might be worried that since the portables remove heat through the keyboard, the ProTouch PB would inhibit this and cause your ‘Book to overheat. I, as well as some other reviewers around the web, can vouch that little, if no change of temperature has occurred.


If you want to do a promotional-type thing with these, you can get your company logo or other thing printed on these or other iSkin products with the Tattoo service. Prices are in lots of 50, 100, 200, 300, and 400+. Another suggested use is for schools and universities as a special ‘campus edition’ to go with computers sold to students.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

We liked the original iSkin Keyboard Protector, and this new revision took everything from the first and improved on it, as more models can use it and the price is lower.
Rating: 9/10

The Facts

Product: ProTouch PB
Company: iSkin
Platform: Mac (PB G3+ and iBook Only)
Price: $19.99

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