Review: Krusell BioCover

by on June 8, 2012

Most iPhone cases are made of plastic or leather, the former being made from petrochemicals. Since this is not a renewable resource, and these cases will eventually end up in a landfill, some people may want sme more eco-friendly options. One such product is Krusell’s $25 BioCover, made with the help of Bioserie, a thin bioplastic shell.

BioCover BioCover BioCover BioCover

What is a bioplastic? In short, it means the case is made from plants and (in the right conditions) can be composted when it’s time to move on. The case even features ”Made from Plants” on the inside.

The BioShell is very light—12 grams—and very thin—1 mm—so it does not add much bulk to an iPhone 4 or 4S. It feels rather sturdy, and actually no different than many other plastic cases, such as Incipio’s Feather. It’s available in a number of colors including light green, light blue, pink, red, white, and black.

One interesting thing about the BioCover is that it has “feet” on the top corners. While these little bumps may seem a bit strange, they do not interfere with usage of the iPhone and also allow the case to keep the screen from direct contact with a surface. In a sense, they work much like the ”lip” found on many flexible TPU or silicone cases.

Generous cutouts allow access to the Dock Connector, headphone jack, and all controls, and the camera cutout seems a bit big, but does not interfere with the flash at all. Basically, the case provides enough protection for all but the most abusive iPhone owners.

At a price only slightly higher than Incipio’s Feather or SwitchEasy’s Nude, and actually cheaper than some other products, the only complaint is that the BioCover does not include a screen protector. Still, the BioCover represents a great mix of design, environmental-friendliness, and price.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The BioCover is a great choice for any iPhone owner looking for either a greener case option or a simple, durable case.

Pros: Made of bioplastic, adequate protection

Cons: No included screen protector, when compared to similar-priced competitors

Rating: 8/10

The Facts

Product: BioCover
Company: Krusell
Platform: iPhone (4, 4S)
Price: $24.90

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