Review: Krusell Classic for Motorola L7

by on August 16, 2006

We’ve reviewed numerous iPod cases over the years, but what if you want to carry other devices, like mobile phones? There’s always the generic cases from the “big box retailers”, or the OEM products, but what if you want something else? We had the chance to try out Krusell’s Classic case for the Motorola SLVR L7. As it is shipped from Sweeden, the Classic case retails between $20 and $25, depending on who you buy it from.

Although some might think $25 is a bit expensive for a mobile phone case, the Krusell Classic is designed specifically for the Motorola SLVR L7. Since our test phone is a Motorola L6, it is nearly identical to the L7, except for fewer side buttons.

Krusell Classic
Krusell Classic

Krusell Classic
Krusell Classic (Back View)

Krusell Classic
Krusell Classic (Camera Flap Open)

The case itself looks like many other mobile phone cases. It features a clear plastic front for the screen and buttons, but the directional pad is completely exposed. There is a zipper on the bottom for where you put the phone in the case. There’s also a flap on the back to protect the camera, and a nub for the Multidapt belt clip (or other accessory).

The first putting the phone in the case will be a bit difficult (mostly because the case is form-fitted and snug), but after some use the leather will give a bit more. The case fits the phone perfectly, and doesn’t add much in terms of bulk.

In terms of protection, almost every part of the phone is covered, so even if you are rather rough, you won’t need one of the Nextel/Motorola behemoths that can survive being used as a baseball.

Our only complaints with the case is that the clear plastic tends to get the “wet spots” in the screen area (like many flexible plastic screen protectors built into cases). The only thing you really can do is live with them. Removing the phone is a bit difficult because of those, too, although sliding something between the screen and the case makes things much easier. Finally, the belt clip nub does add some thickness to the case, and it would’ve been nice if it was removable like on the PodsPlus V2 Case.

Finally, the Multidapt system allows you to change what you clip your phone to. Besides the included belt clip, a bike holder, arm strap, car holder, hand strap, and many other belt clips are available. This is the exact same system as found in Marware’s cases.

Other than those rather minor complaints, the Classic does a great job of protecting mobile phones, looks good, and feels well-made. If you’re looking for a good mobile phone case, the Classic is worth the extra cash over “universal” cases.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

The Krusell Classic does a fine job of protecting your phone without being bulky or ugly.

Pros: Well-made, protects phone very well, camera protected, assortment of belt clips

Cons: Belt clip nub adds thickness, “wet” spots on screen area

The Facts

4/5Product: Classic for Motorola L7
Company: Krusell
Platform: Motorola L2, L6, SLVR L7
Price: $20-$25 (street)

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