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Review: Krusell Elastic for Sony Ericsson Z750

by on May 23, 2008

After our review of Krusell’s Classic case for the Motorola L7, we were rather impressed with the case, and recently had the opportunity to try out the company’s offering for Sony Ericsson’s rather new Z750 phone. Although the phone is by no means an iPhone or iPod killer, we still wanted to test accessories for it. There are numerous generic cases for flip-phones, but many will argue that the model-specific ones are always better. The case ships from Sweden, so depending on who you get it from, the price will range between $20 and $25.

Krusell Elastic

Krusell Elastic

Krusell Elastic

Krusell Elastic

Krusell Elastic

The case itself looks like many other mobile phone cases. It fits over each “half” of the phone, protecting most of the corners and outside surfaces. Leather covers the entire backside of the phone as well as about 1/4 of the front. On the inside, the case covers the phone’s number keys, but not the directional pad, call keys, or softkeys. Also exposed is the screen, as clear plastic only covers the area around the microphone and light sensor. This is not really an issue, since the phone protects itself while closed. On the back of the case, there is a nub for the Multidapt belt clip (or other accessory).

The case is not designed to protect the phone from every abuse out there, but to protect it from the trials and tribulations of everyday use. On the outside of the phone, the top half’s edges and corners closest to the hinge are exposed. From a usability standpoint, the Z750’s hinge makes cases difficult, as it is set a little closer towards the keypad than the back of the phone. This is due to the phone’s antenna being located along the hinge, rather than sticking out from it. The part of the case that protects the top half of the phone attaches to the rest of the case with elastic, allowing a snug fit whether the phone is opened or closed. The way the case is designed is probably the best way to work around the hinge.

On the left side of the phone, the case allows access to the volume/track skip buttons and the play/stop button. On the right side, the memory card slot is partially exposed, but not accessible. This could just be the placement of the slot, or to prevent memory cards from popping out. On the bottom, the FastPort is fully exposed.

Although the case is very well-made and protects the phone without the cheesiness of many cell phone cases, we did find a number of things to complain about. First, the case’s cutout for the camera is not big enough, and any pictures taken with the case’s top half in place will result in having part of case in the picture. This is partially due to the phone’s awkward shape and camera placed close towards the hinge. Second, the elastic does not always snap back into place when the phone is opened, so the top half sometimes needs readjusting. Third, even with the Multidapt belt clip (which is included) is removed, the case adds considerable bulk to the bottom of the phone. Part of this is due to the pocket that conceals where the elastic attaches. Finally, the case does not allow the phone to sit open on a desk, as it tends to tip backwards.

Despite these drawbacks, Krusell’s take on a case for the Z750 is probably the best execution, if the only Z750-specific case that exists today. Even Sony Ericsson’s case offerings are generic for the entire lineup, and many “universal” cell phone cases won’t fit the Z750 the best.

Finally, the Multidapt system allows you to change what you clip your phone to. Besides the included belt clip, a bike holder, arm strap, car holder, hand strap, and many other belt clips are available. This is the exact same system as found in Marware’s cases.

If you can put up with the few drawbacks of this case, it is a very good solution to protect Sony Ericcson’s newest North American flip phone, without taking away from the phone’s attractive design. Because of this, we were generally pretty happy with this product.

The One-Sentence Verdict™

The Krussell Elastic case protects Sony Ericsson’s Z750 phone quite well, looks good, but don’t expect it to ruggedize your phone.

Pros: Well-made, protects phone, assortment of belt clip options
Cons: Belt clip nub adds thickness, changes phone’s center of gravity when opened, camera awkwardness, certain areas exposed
Rating: 7/10

The Facts

Product: Elastic for Sony Ericsson Z750
Company: Krusell
Platform: Sony Ericsson Z750i, Z750a
Price: $20-$25 (street)

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