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Review: Laptop Desk v.2.0

by on April 22, 2004

We had the opportunity to take a look at various products designed to cool laptops down while at a desk by allowing airflow underneath. None were really designed to be used on a person’s lap. When we received the Laptop Desk v.2.0 from Lapworks, we were a bit puzzled at how similar it looked to a similar product sold at the usual computer stores under the Targus brand.

As it turns out, Lapworks makes the stands and sells them under both brands (either Targus at retail stores or Lapworks directly). The Laptop Desk is plastic tray, which folds in half, with a support to allow it to create a wedge shape. The support can be adjusted to one of five angles of the wedge. When used on one’s lap, the Laptop Desk is unfolded, laying across the lap. It is not recommended that the Laptop Desk acts as “bridge” or “support”.

Laptop Desk

The Laptop Desk itself is black, with over 35 square inches of no-slip rubber and multiple ventilation channels to allow airflow between the computer and the Laptop Desk. Lapworks claims that the Laptop Desk will cool a laptop by 15-20% when used on a desk. For lap use, it will prevent cooked legs, associated with newer laptops.

Other suggested uses are for stabilizing PDAs with mobile keyboards, an incline for tablet PCs, and as a portable stable surface (we put a clipboard on top and had a very useful workspace).


Other than the Laptop Desk, some accessories are available in the $49 ensemble package. The MouzPad is a piece of plastic, which extends the side of the laptop desk by 6 inches, allowing the use of any full size mouse. Notches are cut on either end to allow cord management.

The SwivlPad, also included in the package, is a thin turntable. With a thickness of 3/16 of an inch, and a surface that grips well, the SwivlPad is a very useful addition.

The Laptop Desk is a nice product, especially with the extra accessories in the ensemble package, but is a bit too big for many computer bags, especially for those who like to travel light. If you have the room, the Laptop Desk is handy.

The One-Sentence Verdictâ„¢

Overall, we like the Laptop Desk, as it is priced competitively with other laptop stands, boasts lap use, something the other products don’t allow, and is quite durable.

Pros: Unique design allows lap and desk use, causes laptop to run cooler, durable, and folds easily for travel

Cons: Accessories take up extra room, still bulky for those who want to travel light

Rating: 10/10

The Facts

Product: The Laptop Desk
Company: Lapworks, Inc.
Price: $29.95 (list)

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